Alice Andreoli - Essay by Martina Cavallarin - 2010

Alice Andreoliís artworks look into a juvenile universe which is extremely difficult, complex, a world of look, logo, piercing, tattoo and introspective reflections, all among signs of brush and expressionist painted backgrounds.

Her painting is conscious of all the avant-garde achievements and it goes forward as regards the sense of the surface, by setting out the image through a transversal view. The human body is compressed in a detail placed on a reduced visual field which is later extended through segments and portions of colour that seem almost superposed and that introduce tattooed elements on the canvas as well as on the portrayed people. This artist handles the brush as if it was a camera combining ability and speed with a faint painted background. In her artworks the image is always clear, it reveals the initial idea focusing on the detail. This young artistís brush stroke highlights the strength of the sign with no need of forcing, and the monochromatic surfaces on the painted background recall an energy strategy. Alice Andreoliís paintings represent an important and significant narrative feature in the field of the young Italian contemporary painting.

Martina Cavallarin

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