Zingarelli Award 2010

On 29th September, 2010 at the headquarters of the prestigious winery in the Chianti Classico ROCCA DELLE MACIE, took place the announcement of the winners of the "International Painting Prize Zingarelli - Rocca delle Macie". The Prize winner Zingarelli is Alice Andreoli with the work "PER ASPERA AD ASTRA" (acrylic ....on canvas 100x100, 2009). In her work Alice Andreoli painted a landscape easily identifiable with the geographical site of the company combining her concept of painting with the theme of the competition "our wine story of a passion" and placing in the foreground one of the female characters typical of her paintings. The work depicts a young girl seen from behind with a large tattoo on her back and neck that is a rooster, the symbol of Chianti Classico, which holds in its beak the company logo: two icons and a synergy, a strong sign of recognition and belonging. According to her artistic intention, Alice, symbolizes the idea of generational continuity and evolution of the professional role of women in agriculture, linked to a long, slow and promising process of social emancipationAlice Andreoli thanks to the votes of the jury won the first edition of the "International Painting Prize Zingarelli".

PER ASPERA AD ASTRA, Acrylic on canvas, cm 100x100, 2009

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